About Us

The Jewish Healing Center of Greater Dallas is a volunteer organization dedicated to bringing the mitzvah of Bikur Cholim (visiting the sick) to life in the Dallas and surrounding area communities. Using Jewish guidelines, we offer support, understanding and human connection to those in need. Bikur Cholim in Hebrew means the great mitzvah of visiting the sick. It is one of the supreme acts of kindness in Jewish tradition. We are a volunteer-based organization under the authority of the Ohr Hadash Jewish Healing Center, which focuses on the body-mind connection. At Bikur Cholim, we offer seminar-based training for members and people of all ages to assist in the performance of this great mitzvah. While we focus on visiting the sick, elderly and lonely, we also focus on:

Helping families or individuals without health insurance
Employment assistance
Matching patients and doctors
Financial assistance for prescriptions, food, clothing, etc.
Filling out legal documents
Minor adjustments in home for patients, as needed
Patient advocacy for cases of geriatric abuse
Private detective for cases of spousal abuse, etc.
Health-related workshops and seminars
Monthly Healing circles
Weekly meditation
Featured speakers
Volunteer training

Yearly conference will be held each October The Bikur Cholim Society is a beacon of hope and strength for families in our community and for those who come to our city in the hope of treatment and recovery. In times of illness, Judaism offers potent remedies to help strengthen the body and spirit. Jewish tradition has long recognized that there are two components of health: the body and the spirit. The Misha Berach prayer, traditionally cited for someone who is ill, asks G-D for a Refuah Shlemah, a complete healing. It then specifies two aspects: Refuat Hanefesh, healing of the soul and spirit, and Refuat Haguf, the curing of the body. Healing the spirit involves creating a pathway to sensing wholeness, depth, mystery, purpose and peace. A fundamental feature of Jewish spiritual healing is "Bikur Cholim" (visiting the sick) which responds to two of the greatest burdens of contemporary life: isolation and lack of community. Bikur Cholim demonstrates the healing power of relationship. At times of illness, Bikur Cholim offers us the comfort of human connection, interdependence and a sense of community we so desperately need.